Criminal Defense Attorney Jacksonville FL

Don’t Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Doesn’t Have Trial Experience. We have Years Of Trial Experience To Bring To Bear On Your Case

DUI / Drunk Driving

Are you facing a DUI charge in Jacksonville? You need to fight that DUI charge. We can start fighting for your rights the moment you are arrested but you need to call us immediately. Florida’s aggressive DUI laws can and do impose harsh penelties for a DUI convection, your going to need an experienced attorney to represent you.

Posssession / Drugs

Charged with drug possession in the Jacksonville metro or North Florida area? We have represented clients charged with weed, cocaine, rock cocaine, heroin or any number of other controlled substances. Where you charged with drug trafficking?How about possession with intent to distribute? We’ve got experience to help you defend against these serious charges.

Felony Theft

Under Florida law, Grand Theft is defined as unlawful taking or intentionally taking property with a value of $300 or more. Since Grand Theft is a felony offense it carries penalties such as possible prison time, probation, fines, and oh yes, you’ll have a permanent criminal record.

Criminal Traffic

Have you been arrested while driving? Were you driving on a suspended license? Were you pulled over for a dim headlight and then charged with possession? We’re well versed in the various criminal traffic infractions our clients have been charged with and you need someone to fight for your rights using a sound defense based on years of experience handling thses types of cases.

Weapons Charges

Florida State Statute 790.23 makes it unlawful for any person to have in their possession, own, or have in control any firearm, ammunition or even an electric Weapon. Have you been charged with a weapons violation? Read more about how we can assist you in fighting for your rights.

Sex Crimes

Undoubtedly one of the most devastation and humiliating allegations you can face is that of having been charged with committing a sex crime. Conviction will follow you for the rest of your life. Your going to have to fight if you want to clear your name, we’re here to fight for you. Are you ready to face a hostile prosecutor? Let us handle it.

Fraud / White Collar

Fraud is both a criminal offense and can be the starting point for a civil liability. Defrauding people for financial gain is one of the most common types of fraud and is highly prosecuted in Florida. We’re an experienced fraud defense attorney based in Jacksonville FL. Let us provide you assistance and guidance if your accused of fraud.

Bond Reduction

Don’t get surprised with a high bail amount when you thought it wasn’t going to be much. We have years of working to get our clients bail reduced. It’s up to your attorney to prove that you deserve a lower bail amount. You deserve a lawyer that’s going to fight for your rights and that exactly what we will do, FIGHT!

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