Consideratoins When Finding An Experienced Attorney?

If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida then seeking experienced representation from a knowledgeable trial lawyer is a must. Most often motorcycle accidents result in significant injury or death due to the fact that riders simply don’t have the protection surrounding them that automobile or truck drivers have.

Your probably dealing with devastating injury’s and now is not the most optimal time to research how to find the best motorcycle accident lawyer but you don’t want to find out later that you hired and inexperienced lawyer to represent you.

Tips For Avoiding A Motorcycle Accident


Find An Experienced Attorney

Experience is what seperates good lawyers from average lawyers, well it’s not just experience but let’s focus on experience for a moment.

If your looking for a personal injury attorney your on the right path but you need one that has worked with motorcylce accidents as well.  Mr. Davis has been working with motorcylce accident cases for years. 

Get the settlement that you deserve, with years of experience and an eye for detail we can uncover exactly what happened and what could have been done by the other side that might have prevented your devistating injury’s in the first place.

There’s very likely an insurance adjuster on the opposing council that knows exactly what they are going to present. They get paid to do one thing and that’s make sure the insurance company minimizes it’s exposure.

We know that! We’ve been there before! Hire an experienced lawyer

Read The Reviews

Google Reviews

Make sure you lookup your prospective lawyers reviews on Google. Google reviews can't be manipulated and are a trusted reviw source. By manipulated we mean that if there is a negative post the business can only respond to the review it can't delete it.

We've posted a more in depth article on finding the right lawyer here


Avvo Reviews

 Avvo Reviews is a trusted attorney review site. Typically you will find most of the local Jacksonville FL lawyers listed there.


While reviewing Avvo not only focus on the number of reviews but what the reviewer is saying about the attorney. Look for key points like:

  • Did The Attorney Listen
  • How was the case handled
  • Did the attorney win the case
  • Would the reviewer recommend them

If your looking for a personal injury attorney your on the right path but you need one that has worked with motorcylce accidents as well.  Mr. Davis has been working with motorcylce accident cases for years.

Interview The Prospective Attorney

The Initial Call

Pick up the phone and call your prospective attorney. Are you able to get through? Did they answer? Were they polite?

How far out are they with scheduling a call with the attorney? Don’t expect to be able to speak with the attorney right off the bat. A busy trial attorney might just be in court.

Motorcycle accident cases typically fall under personal injury and it is typical for personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville FL to give you a completely free consultation.

Most reputable attorneys won’t charge you a dime to discuss your motorcycle accident so don’t pay for something that should be free. Personal injury lawyers get paid when you win your case.

Schedule A Meeting For Case Review

During your call you should have been given a case reveiw date which is accebtible to you.

When you come in for your free consoltation the attorney should be able to give you feedback as to weather or not you have a case.

During your conversation you should ask how many times he or she has handled motorcycle accident cases and did they win?

Make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney that will be representing you. It’s up to you to select the attorney that will fight for your rights and you don’t want to regret it later should things not go your way.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Does The Attorney Seem Engaging
  • Does The Attorney Think On Their Feet
  • Do You Initially Like The Attorney
  • Do They Seem Aggressive

An aggressive attorny is probably more along the lines of what your looking for vs. a melow slow to respond lawyer. It’s up to you but you have to be confident when picking someone to represent you.

Avoid Riding Between Cars

Seems like a great way to quickly get through rush hour traffic but riding your motorcyle through or between cars on the highway is an easy way to become involved in a motorcycle accident.

With the sunny weather in Florida you have ample oppertunity get get your bike out on the road and with that oppertunity you’ll likey get caught up in some heavy traffic while on the Florida roads.

Don’t be tempted to “white line” ride while on your motorcycle. Automobiles simply aren’t looking for a motorcycle to come up between them and the car next to them.

Think about what happens when your tempted to ride between a moving lane of traffic and a stopped lane of traffic. One of the cars in the stopped lane may suddenly try to change lanes, while that driver  is looking for the autos next to them to clear so they can move over they certainly aren’t looking for you coming up unexpectidly from between cars.

Pay Attention To The Road Ahead


Waze Object On Road Florida

It’s easy to enjoy the open road while out riding in the wonderful Florida weather but make certain you maintain vidulence on the road ahead for objects on the road.

Waze – If your bike supports it use a smart phone application like Waze to alert you to object or animals on the road ahead.

Waze has several alerts not only for object on road but also for potholes. Think about that. Hitting a pothole at highway speeds while on your motocycle can be extreamly dangerous and might result in you sustaining a motorcycle injury in sunny Florida.

Ride Like Your Invisible To Motorist



Think your a traffic ninja? Well you better ride like your invisable because to a distracted driver you are invisable.

Texting While Driving

All it takes is one driver who’s texting on their cell phone to end your day out on the road in a traject manor which might result in you or a loved one being injured or heaven forbid, killed while riding your riding.

Talking On The Cell Phone

Vechile drivers who are talking on the phone are much less likely to check their mirrors if they aren’t using  a hands free device with thier cell phones.

Keep an eye out while your crusing down the road for for this highly dangerous and in Florida, completly legal, use of a cell phone.

Florida Cell Phone Laws


Always Check Your Mirrors



While keeping an eye out in front of you is critical to your safe ride keeping an eye out behind you using your mirrors is almost as important.

Effective use of mirrors can help minimize the chance of needing a Florida motorcycle attorney. By using your mirrors you can stay focused with your head facing in the direction of travel while still maintaining a good peripheral view of the surrounding traffic.

Posture Before Adjusting

Before you start to adjust your mirror make sure your in the correct riding position. By doing so your going to most effectively adjust the mirrors to cover the maximum field of vision.

It’s generally suggested that you point the mirrors so that the tops of your shoulders and your elbows are showing in the mirror. Make sure your comfortable with the mirror placement either way. Cover the maximum view is your goal here.

You want to see the other vehicles grills and front end not the roof tops. Focus on getting the most coverage of the vehicle and the street view in your mirrors.


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