Criminal Traffic Violations

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What Is A Criminal Traffic Violation In Florida?

A criminal traffic violation in Florida occurs when an individual commits an offense while operating any mororized vechile.

Which One Of These Most Closely Resembles Your Case?


You refused to submit to a breath test


Driving under the influence


Leaving the scene of an accident


Street racing

Cited For A Criminal Traffic Violation?

You might be surprised to know that being pulled over for something as simple as having dim headlights might just be the first step in being cited for a criminal traffic violation like one of the following:

 What Are The Penalties For A Criminal Traffic Violation?

If you have been cited for one of the above offenses or any criminal traffic violation then you almost certainly will be given a court date unless you were taken directly to jail. Offenses like reckless driving, driving under the influence,driving with a suspended license you may be taken directly to jail.

Your Court Date

You will be given a court date for which you must appear. Failure to appear will almost certainly result in a warrant for your arrest being issued. When you appear before the judge you will plead either not guilty, guilty or no contest.

Your Record

Criminal Traffic Violations will result in a permanent recording of the violation on your record. This will not go away over time. The lasting repercussions of this impact things like:

  • Higher Insurance Rates

With a criminal traffic violation your likely going to be facing a fine, jail time and community service to to mention your going to need a good attorney.



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