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– Divorce Is Scary

Divorce is scary because you’ve heard so many stories from friends and family about how nasty and expensive their very own divorce was. Divorce is an expensive procedure to be sure. Some couples find that they really don’t need a divorce and attending counseling is enough to remedy the contention faced in their marriage and others simply want to learn what their options are prior to filing for divorce.

Divorce Attorneys In Jacksonville

To begin with, it’s imperative you feel comfortable with your divorce lawyer. They provide a legal representation service and at the end of the day you really need to feel comfortable that they will represent you in a manor befitting the situation. Mr. Davis will answer your questions and supply information on the subject of the divorce practice as it pertains to laws within the state of Florida. Your intention should be to find an Attorney with skill and experience in handling property division and Mr. Davis can provide assurance in just such matters.

Normally, those who go through divorce are in a demand for legal counsel. Accordingly, a divorce affects an individual’s emotional well-being and the procedure might feel stressful. Divorce can be emotionally taxing process for everyone involved. When it has to do with dealing with the divorce, most people don’t know what to do or even where to start, that’s where we come in. Mr. Davis has over the years developed great insight into the divorce process and proceedings here in Nassau, Duval and St Johns county and North Florida. For instance divorce in Duval county is handled differently in some aspects than in St. Johns.

Should you retain a divorce Attorney?

It is fine to use a lawyer, but understand that if you and your spouse can work out the majority of the issues like:








Time Sharing


Child Support

If you do not seek assistance from a family law attorney then you will have saved money. To lesson the tension of your divorce proceedings not having an attorney in the picture while you work through the terms might be the best way to go. Having said that you do need to have an experienced family law attorney look over the terms that have been drawn up between you and your spouse. An experienced attorney can advise you of things that are considered “standard practice” during the divorce proceedings.

Tip: For instance agreeing to pay for your child’s college is not standard practice in Jacksonville divorce cases

Garbage In Garbage Out

Before you employ a lawyer to represent you in the court, ensure the attorney will fulfill your requirements. Never forget that if you retain legal counsel, the more unresolved issues there are, the more money the attorney makes. You don’t need to enlist the services of a family law attorney until such time as you can’t resolve the terms on your own or you have resolved all the issues and you wish to simply ensure that your not giving away the farm. Essentially, a family law lawyer ought to be bale to advice you on different techniques which are available so that you are able to consider one that is quite appropriate. If you’re looking for a family law attorney, it’s imperative that you find someone that may practice law in the location or several locations in which you might require assistance.

 Does your family law attorney travel to St. Johns county or Nassau county or do they only practice in Duval county?

 Will Legal counsel will have the ability to sit down with you and review your case in the time frames given to help assure they offer you the best plan of action?


Many attorneys claim to mediate, but you ought to search for a family law specialist who’s primarily a mediator, someone who does very little if any litigation. They will, in some cases, offer a free legal discussion or meeting to get an idea of the services you are seeking. Unfortunately, mediators can’t offer assistance for the purpose of negotiating settlements. An experienced family law attorney is able to give the suitable legal counsel in matters related to family relationships and negotiating, Unlike a mediator. The experienced lawyer will offer you ideas and skills, so that you won’t be intimidated by the mediation procedure and get fantastic results at the end.

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